20 minutes weekend workout – challenge

Do not let your weekend steal your workout motivation, schedule your weekend workout.

Plan out your weekend workout to stay in shape.

weekend workout

I am tired, feeling lousy, it’s too cold, it’s my cheat day, and it’s raining and many more excuses that you find to avoid your weekend workout. Many find it resentful and berating themselves to hit the gym or thought of working out over weekend.

Weekend workout can be annoyance or can be punishment to your body for not looking after. You may feel being split between setting yourself free and being discipline. You can choose to invest the time which will give you maximum return on investment. It is a good idea to keep your activity level up over weekend. Do not let your weekend steal your workout motivation. Plan your weekend workout during your weekdays.

The ugly scenarios could be, you may not work out and may indulge yourself in eating unhealthy junk and may struggle the next day working out more. Earn your right to eat unhealthy food (occasionally) by working out.

Weekend workout is a great stress reliever and puts your mind in active zone, as you do not have to rush to work and you get good time to work out extra. It is best to work out every day, however there are many people who may not have time allotted for their physical activities; they can squeeze their work out over weekend rather than doing nothing for your body.

Have fun based weekend workout.  You do not require any equipment.

40 jumping jacks

weekend workout

Doing back to back jumps where in whole body is sweating and burn fat gives you great benefit. It is a best exercise you can do to start your work out with. It elevates your heart rate. You burn fat at rapid rate.  It provides you full body workout.

20 squats

weekend workout

Squat is an excellent lower body exercise. Squat improves overall body. It helps in proper blood circulation. Squats should be practiced under experts supervision or else it may give you knee problem if not don’t correctly. It also helps build muscles throughout your body. Regular practice will get you flexibility and once you advance this exercise you can use dumbbells too. Squat helps you keep your legs toned. Squats are the best exercise for hips. reduce-thighs-20-days-legs-challenge

20 push ups

weekend workout

Pushups are muscle building exercise. It focuses on your arms, chest, and core. It activates almost every muscle in your body. It is an effective cardiovascular exercise which burns stored body fat.

30 seconds planks

weekend workout

Plank is the simplest yet body weight exercise. This exercise requires no equipment and can be done at home.  It is an exercise which will allow you to strengthen your muscle. Planking everyday will comparatively burn calories faster than the other abdominal exercises. Doing this exercise everyday will keep your posture and ability to stand well balanced. 7 Planks for 7 minutes Challenge

20 lunges

weekend workout

A lunge encourages you to stretch your muscles and gives you flexibility. It strengthens your buttocks and legs. It improves your core strength. It relieves lower back pain and improves your balance and posture.

20 sit ups

weekend workout

Sit ups are mainly done in lying down position. Lifting your upper body (torso) off the floor and in semi seated position. Sit ups hits your abs hard and helps you get toned abdomen.

Do 20 sit ups reps of 2 sets.

Do share how you would plan your weekend workout to stay in shape.