4 sexy hairstyle this valentine’s day



Sexy hairstyle this valentines day

Sexy hairstyle this valentines day

Get the sexy hairstyle this valentine by dressing up your hair beautifully and giving them a little messy touch. You have a date set up for valentine day; you have perfect location, but what about your gorgeous look for the special day? Because valentine day is not just about your partner, in fact it is also about loving yourself. Look more sexy by giving yourself these simple yet beautiful hairstyle this valentine’s day. Make these day special for yourself and your partner. Hair dress is an art if you are doing it by yourself.

We have identified the perfect hairstyle for the valentine. Four simple and easy hairstyle which will help you save your time. This will surely make you look more sexy this valentine’s day.

Naughty curls:

get naughty curls this valentine's day

get naughty curls this valentine’s day


Get the naughty curls and set them on this valentine. Not everyone was born with curls. Now get the bouncy curls without damaging your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo and after conditioner leave it damp. If it is dripping then soak it with towel and make it little damp.

Start by parting your hair down the middle, and then divide each half into two smaller sections. This will make your hair easier to work with. Now braid up by interlacing three thick strands. Once the two braids are done on each side, you may also want to apply mouse or get on it, this will hold your curls for long. However this is optional. Keep it tied up for 3-4 hours and leave the braid slowly. You will now get the natural curls. To get tighter curls you can tie more braids. You can set which ever hairstyle you want or just leave the hair the way it is.

You can also use hair rollers to curl your hair. Damp your hair. Consider applying hair mouse or gel this way your curl will hold for long. Start rolling smaller sections of hair around the hair roller. Start from the end fix the roller against your hair and start rolling towards your head. To get the best curls keep it for 3-4 hours and then remove the rollers slowly. You can also use electronic rollers however avoid using it frequently because it burns your hair and a proper care needs to be taken after doing the curls with electronic rollers. This hair style will make your Valentine’s Day.

Straight glossy hair:


Elegant straight hair

Elegant straight hair for special occasion


Straight glossy hair styles are always in fashion. It gives decent and elegant touch. You can either use hair straightner iron machine or use flat iron. But frequent use of iron may burn your hair and it is advisable to avoid it. To get the straight hair massage you hair with Luke warm oil using your fingers in circular motion. You can either use olive oil or coconut oil. Keep it for an hour and wash it off with shampoo. Massage with conditioner for 30 minutes and rinse it with Luke warm water. Use the shampoos and conditioner which are formulated to loosen curls. Soak your hair with dry towel and now blow dry your hair. This will give you a straight hair look.

Messy bun:

Messy bun hairstyle for valentines day

Messy bun hairstyle for valentines day


Get the sexiest messy look this valentine. Messy hairstyle is one of the most popular hairdo in this style. Messy bun is the easiest hair undo’s. This is my favorite hair dress for special occasion.  They look stunning and natural especially when you wear something backless and want to drag someone’s attention to your sexy back. There are two types of messy buns. One is the high messy bun which is a wonderful choice if you looking for professional and classy look other one is low messy bun which throws a casual look. There are three simple steps you can follow for messy bun. First of all, simply pull your hair into a relaxed pony tail. In the center of the ponytail, fan out the sections in all directions, in a circle spreading out from the center. Loop these sections back over themselves and clip it underneath. Tease the sections with your fingers which lack volume.

Side braid with mess touch:


Side braid hairstyle with messy touch


Braid looks very cute especially when it has a messy touch to it. It gives a very romantic when it is braided on the side and falls over the shoulder.  To make side braid, brush your hair thoroughly. Part your hair to one of the sides. It doesn’t matter right or left. Allow the part to be messy if you want sexy look and for more fun get the zig zag part. Gather all your hair to one side. Then part them into three even section. Start underneath your ear and start to braid as usual. When finished braiding place and elastic band around the end of your braid. Leave the wisp to give a messier look. Let the few strands frame your hair. So get the romantic side braid with sexy messy touch this valentine’s day.