Homemade Mudpack

Mud pack benefits

Mud pack benefits

Skin problems ? No worries.. Mud pack is the  solution. Mud pack soaks up the excess oil from the skin in best possible ways.

Watch your skin glow naturally. Mud is an essential element we get from mother earth. It leaves a remarkable effect when used on our skin. It has several benefits that adds value to your nourishment.

This eco friendly mud pack is easily available everywhere.

Mud is a natural remedy, Mudpack has been all time favourite home remedy and easy to make the pack.

It helps reduce the dark circles, helps tighten the skin. Applying mud pack twice or thrice a week results in soft and smooth skin.  It helps clear the dead skin. Mud pack cleanses the pores on the skin. It helps tightening the skin if used regularly. Hence, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and is a good anti-ageing agents.

Mud pack can be used on body also.

It is very important to relax when you had applied a mud pack.

how to use mud pack.

Before we proceed to the procedure of how to use mud pack, keep two damp cotton balls in a bowl. We will need it to keep it over the eyes.

Just a small tip – Before we apply mud pack, take steam for 10 – 15 mins before applying any mud pack. Steam will clear your pores and open it. After taking steam you can gently remove the back heads. These back heads will be mostly visible around the nose & chin portion.

Now, we are ready to apply mud pack. Its really easy. All you have to do is soak the mud in water. Make it thick like a batter (just be sure that it doesn’t liquify. This can happen due to excess of water.)  Once you have made a mud pack, gently apply all over your face. To begin with, you can tie a hairband which will cover you hair. Now use a brush or your index finger and start applying the coat of soaked mud pack. To make it easier, start applying from your forehead, cover all the area.

Then gently apply over your nose, and then cover your cheeks and chin. Avoid applying close to your eye and near your lips. Ensure you have applied all over your face. Now put the damp cotton over your eyes and relax for 20 mins or more and let the pack dry. Once the pack is dried up, Splash cold water on your face. Now gently use a damp sponge to clean the pack. Wipe your face with towel.You will see the difference as you will feel the clear, clean and smooth effects on your face. The mud pack take away bacteria and dead cells along with them on washing.

You can maintain your hygiene standards, which is difficult to do in a parlour/ salon.

Let your skin breathe peacefully and shine on.