Add laughter in your workout list

Laughter is the best medicine

How do you feel when you join a contagious giggle, do you control it or laugh it out loud? Laughter gives you wonderful feeling and long term health benefit. Everything right from giggle to laughing out loud can change the temperature to warm feeling and you feel connected. Laughter is a celebration of anything good. you are utilizing amazing amount of energy when you are laughing. It lifts our spirits high for couple of minutes and eliminates toxins.



Researchers have found that laughter boosts our immune system. It reduces the risk of stroke. So grab a funny video, cherish your memory, call a friend or family now. It also reduces stress level and ultimately it increases your immune system.

It is a fun way to workout. There are many laughter therapy and even laughter sessions. It also impacts your muscles and helps it tone well. It expands and contracts the muscles. Add this therapy to your tone muscle workout routine, it will alleviate your mood too. It can increase general sense of well being. It has also been proven fact that people having positive attitude tend to fight any disease better than people who have negative attitude.

It reduces depression. It reduces tension and stress. It reduces anxiety, irritation and frustration which are the major contribution of depression.  A laughter shared with your partner is important factor to keep the relationship in good shape and running smoothly. The more you laugh with others, the chances are more that that person remembers that moment for long leading to joyful and happiness in relationship.

It enhances your relationship with family, friends, colleagues and any relationship you connected with.  It allows you to let go of defensiveness, it helps you forget the hard feelings. It releases your inhibitions. It helps you to release the hard feeling, criticism, doubts you are holding back. It makes you to be more expressive in your communication and helps you to show your emotions deeply.

So now:

Watch funny videos

Watch a funny movie

Go for a standup comedy show

Go for laughter yoga

Play with your pet

Host a game your friend

Share a good joke

Read some funny article or a book

Laugh at yourselfkrak

Do something silly


Laugh loudly and laugh often

Do let us know and share if you have any funny ideas for laughter or do whatever makes you laugh.