Benefits of skipping rope

Health benefits of skipping rope

skipping rope

Skipping rope is one of the best exercises which you can do it any time. When was the last time you did jump rope? As a kid we all loved skipping rope in school. We all know jump rope resulted in spreading awareness in staying fit and avoid child obesity. As an adult we discovered that skipping rope is not only a fun activity but its good workout to burn fat.

Skipping rope is easy exercise and best part of it is that you can do it anywhere.  This is the cheapest workout equipment which can be packed in your bags easily. Jumping rope for 15 minutes will make you sweat and will burn off your calories. It improves cardio vascular fitness and toning muscles.

All you need is a jumping rope and a flat surface and get your heart racing.

Here are some benefits of skipping rope.

It helps you burn calories. As compare to walking or jogging for 20 minutes skipping rope actually burns more calories. It will benefit you in burning fat faster. And even if you jump rope for 15 minutes a day it will help you lose weight faster.

This exercise will decrease bone and ankle injuries. There are many athletes who prefer this workout more often. It  improves bone co ordination. It strengthens the muscles around your foot and ankle.

It is easy to carry. Jumping rope is easy to carry anywhere you want. It can be easily packed in your bags. More over it doesn’t hit your pocket too much and are available everywhere.

Apart from improving health, stamina it also enhances breathing. It overall improves your breathing efficiency. Even if you jumping at a moderate speed, it will help you burn a good amount of calorie approx around 10 – 16 calorie per minute.

It gives you beautiful skin. Workout is extremely important for beautiful skin. This saves your time and money as you don’t have to hit the gym. Jumping rope is the best exercise as it involves entire body.

Skipping rope is very simple exercise and helps you get the best workout results.