Can hula hoop help in burning fat?

Learn how hula hoop helps in burning fat ?



hula hoop - Burn fat faster

hula hoop – Burn fat faster


The video that shows you how to use hula hoop

Hula hoop is the best fat burning exercise. This may be one of our childhood games years ago, and now it has become fitness equipment.  Hula hooping is a great workout for those who looking to lose weight faster and enjoy he rhythmic workout. Regularly working out with hula hoop will shed few pounds instantly. It helps to give you proper curves and flexible body.  A hula hoop rotates your body back and forth.

It helps in burning fat

It tones your body

It improves flexibility of spine

It curves your waist

It strengthens your muscles and stronger belly muscles will make the core tighter and ultimately gives you flat belly

The challenge comes here is how to use and become an expert in hula hopping. Here are few tips and tricks to use hula hoop which can help you reduce weight.

First of all consult your doctor or fitness expert to ensure you don’t have any back ache or joints problem.

Buy a right size of hula hoop. There are many sizes available in the market. Be sure it reaches your waist and chest.

Hold the hoop around your waist and move your one foot ahead of another.  Now move your upper body and hoop towards one side to wind up the hoop. Push your weight from front foot to the back.

The hoop must roll across your belly. Try to balance the front back body movement and keep pushing.

Your hula hoop should remain in contact with your body constantly. The longer you keep the contact and spin the faster you will burn fat.

Try spinning it for 10 minutes and you will see the result.

The lighter weight hoop you use, it would be difficult for to swirl, and the heavier the hoop it will be easier for you to roll across your belly.

Waist hooping may take some time, however if you practice regularly and get the hoop rolling across your belly you will definitely enjoy hooping.

It is the best exercise if you want a change in your workout routine.