Dance to stay fit and healthy

Start reaping the benefits of dance to stay fit and healthy


Dance has its own language and has its own benefits. It is like dreaming with your feet. It is the best workout enjoyed by many. Regardless of your age, height or weight, you just start moving your body with the beats of music. Regular dance activity will keep you fit and healthy for longer.

Whenever you stressed out or feel low, turn on your favorite music and start dancing. The fact is moving your body is remarkably healthy. It boosts your brain power, improve your features, it also helps you grow your social circle.

Dance of all type is good for your body fitness. It improves your heart condition; it helps you in your weight loss plan. Dancing helps you in maintaining your physical fitness. It improves your mental function, it overall enhances your self confidence and self esteem. It improves flexibility of your body, it reduces stress and helps you be more focused and concentrate on positives, it gradually diminishes depression, it helps you to stay fit and healthy, it helps you tone your body, it increases your social circle, and it increases your energy level.

You can either dance with a group or with a partner or all by yourself. You can either join community or any dancing class or enjoy dancing by yourself at home. It has become most popular way to stay fit, even the fitness club offer various program in their club like zumba, aerobics etc.

Also the type of dance you choose will determine the type of shoes and outfit you buy. For example sports shoes for aerobics, ballet shoes for bellet dance and so on.

Select the type of dance you enjoy dancing is it alone, with a group or with a partner. There are many options available like if you enjoy dancing alone then you can choose ballet, jazz, hip hop, belly dancing etc, classical dance like bharatnatyam, kathak or free style hip hop, square dancing etc. If you enjoy dancing in a group etc. If you enjoy with your partner then waltz, swing, rumba, foxtrot, salsa, tango, square dancing.

Before starting your session do consult a doctor about your physical fitness. Buy appropriate outfit for the dancing style you choose. Buy proper shoes or sandals. Before starting your session always do warm up exercise and stretch your body. If you are a beginner do not push yourself hard, take it easy. Have healthy liquids before, during and after dancing however avoid too much of liquids. Be sure you also rest for 5 minutes between your dancing sessions.

So get off your chair and grove with some steps on the floor. Dance will help you to stay fit. It will reduce stress, helps your body to be more flexible, lose weight.