Flat stomach myths

Who would not wish to have a flat stomach?

Flat stomach


Unfortunately there are many myths about the way of getting flat stomach and they end up getting frustrated and give up on their flat stomach mission. Here are few misconception of flat stomach.

Starving you self for hours to get flat stomach. It isn’t pleasant. One should refrain from starving. Many a times you get this thought that starving yourself will get you a flat stomach. Starving for hours and avoiding food will not only affect your health but also lead you to over eating. Starving will disturb your metabolism. Starvation causes muscle loss and loosing muscle mass will only decrease your metabolism rate. It will decrease your attention span, affects menstrual cycle for woman, hair loss, constipation, fatigue, high blood pressure, also affects skin and many other side effects. In fact eating at frequent intervals is advised when you want to lose weight.

Diet pills

Certain diet pills may not require approval before selling it to public. These pills can harm more than do good. If these pills may show its side effects if it did not suit one. You may also get addicted to these pills if you have regularly, there may not be any end to it and subconsciously you may want to continue it. There are other side effects like headache, fatigue, constipation, mood swings etc. Weight loss requires a proper and gradual change in your eating and workout habits which will bring a positive change in your lifestyle. Best way working towards getting flat stomach is working towards it by physical and conscious efforts than having any drugs or pills.

Extra crunches

Doing crunches the right way is harmless. Extra crunches can be dangerous. Good crunches require proper body awareness. To get flat stomach, some people at times are comfortable doing crunches, however they need to draw a line and know the limits of doing it the right way and not over do it. it may affect your spine, your posture. It can also create pain in the neck. Aiming for six packs and neglecting other things is dangerous and waste of time.

No pain No gain

You may have heard this saying many by may be by your gym instructor while pushing you to workout. Love your body because you want to stay fit and healthy do not hate it and give pain just because you want flat stomach. And if you are working out to feel the pain in your body then better stop it, you are putting yourself in a critical condition where you may not even be able to the simple workouts. A general fatigue and tiredness after working out is fine however intense workout which causes pain is not healthy workout. A good workout should make you sweat.

Compensatory diet

Eat the junk food today and compensate workout the next day. Junk food is a complete no if you are focusing flat stomach. Exercising is the best way to burn your fat and get you in shape and get flat stomach. However if you eat junk food it may mess up the mission of flat stomach.

flat stomach