Foot care tips for Smooth and Soft Feet

Foot care tips for Smooth and Soft Feet

Foot care tips for Smooth and Soft Feet

It is said that hygiene of one person is judged by looking at their feet. It is important to look after your feet & pamper them often. Cracked heel is a sign of taking our foot into granted and not paying enough attention. Dry skin, lack of moisturizer or rough patches are the causes of cracked heels. You don’t have to spend on expensive spa every time, just taking little care about your feet. Here are some tips you can use to make your feet soft and moisturized.

Soak your feet in Luke warm water:

Take a Luke warm water in small tub. You can put 1 tbsp salt and dip your feet into it. Ensure that the water is not too hot and quite bearable. Soak it for 15 minutes and you will feel relaxed.

Moisturize our feet:

you need to invest in good moisturizing cream for your feet. You can also use natural oil, apple it before going to bed. The skin of your feet is comparatively thicker. You can also use coconut oil foot massager to keep your feet smooth and soft.

Regular wash:

one of the reasons why your feet are rough is that they are not being washed properly. Ultimately your feet become quite sweaty and start itching. Before going to bed have a habit of cleaning your feet with water, ensure that there’s no dirt and sticky part.

Go for a pedicure:

Pedicure is the most enjoyable art of the massage in a salon. Pedicure relaxes your body as it is consist of foot and calve massage. It promotes circulation, Removes dead skin cells. It helps relieve stress and enhances well being.

Trim your nails:

Trim you toe nails regularly. You can trim it better in after shower. Try to cut your toe nail straight across,  rounded corner on the edge of the nail may grow into the skin. Trim your nails regularly. Also before re applying nail polish, remove the old layer of nail polish

Foot wear:

It is very important to know your exact shoe fit. When bringing home new pair of shoes, just keep in mind that buy the shoes in which you feel comfortable. It should have enough space to twist your toes, as unfit shoes may cause several problems. Ensure you invest in good quality shoes otherwise you may end up getting swollen feet

Follow the above basic foot care tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful.