Top 6 Side Effects of High Heels

Top 6 Side Effects of High Heels

Top 6 Side Effects of High Heels

Hottest stilettos make you look more sexy and stylish. high heels makes you feel more confident, tall and hold’s your head high. High heels are never out of fashion and will be always on the top list of the fashion world. It leaves a mark always. Every woman has a pair of stilettos even though if she is more comfortable with her sneakers or flats. It adds style to your personality; it makes you look taller and thinner, High heels plays a great role in enhancing your confidence. It always draws attention by giving your body a leaner look.

Though every woman looks gorgeous in high heels, however there are some disadvantages and side effects of wearing stilettos continuously.

Let’s throw some lights on ill effects of prolonged high heels usage.

Foot pain:

Foot pain is very common amongst most women when they frequently wear high heels. Entire body weight falls on the feet especially on toe bone. Hence it is very important to massage your feet with Luke warm oil before hitting the bed or dip them into Luke warm water with one tbsp of salt.

Toe bone: I

t is observed that wearing high heels continuously or any foot wear with size mismatch causes toe bone sore. Hence avoid wearing high heels for long hours. when you slide you feet in the high heels the toe gets pressurized and gets squeezed. It creates lots of pressure on the toe ultimately toe gets affected.

Toe nail:

due to the immense pressure on toe, toe and toe nail gets crowded. Toe nail gets rubbed with the shoe and it causes damage. This causes toe nail prone to fungal infection and is very difficult to treat.


This is most commonly found problem when dealing with high heels. While walking at times foot or ankle can easily prone to get twisted. And the entire body weight is pushed forward. This happens when one loses the proper balance in body. Twisting injuries can also lead to fractures. And ankle sprain may lead to severe damage.


The different posture that forms due to high heels often affects the knee. Research found that when women wear high heels the pressure on knee joint increases. Hence it causes severe pain.


Walking on heels in an art. It requires lots of patience and practice. You don’t have to think much taking steps when you have worn flats or sneakers. It is important that you are wearing right fit stilettos. Right fit stilettos will prevent foot problem and will make you confident to walk. You need to balance your body while walking on stilettos. Slight imbalance of body may make you feel embarrassed and may hurt you physically.

Though there are many side effects of wearing high heels, yet many solutions for the same are available. There are plenty of products available in the market to give your feet cushion and support so that stilettos can be easily wearable. Especially cushion support made up of silicon and soft supportive pads which can be used to lessen the pain.