How to do pedicure at home

Make your feet feel relaxed and happy

How to do pedicure at home

Your foot requires attention regularly. We all are so busy in our busy schedule and always on our toes that at times we forget to relax. It now the time to pay a close look to your feet and pamper them like you do to your face. There is a say that people are judged by their feet and the footwear they wear. Pedicure becomes a necessity especially during summers due to excess of heat and dust. And nobody wants their feet to be sticky and stinky. Getting pedicure done in good salon becomes very expensive, like always we care for you can found fabulous resources which will help you now do pedicure yourself at home.

Our feet have nerves which helps relax our entire body. Silky, smooth, and soft feet are everyone’s dream. There’s nothing like a good pedicure when you are stressed and tired.

So let’s see how to do pedicure at home.

Home pedicure prep : All your need is the nail clipper, loofah, nail file, cuticle oil, moisturizer, cream , cotton pads, nail polish remover and nail polish. You will also require pumice stone, scrub for scrubbing. Soak your feet it with dry towel.

How to give pedicure at home:

Step one: First of all take a cotton pad, dip it in nail polish remover and remove your old nail polish.

Step two: Fill the tub full of water. Be sure it is Luke warm water. Now sit on a chair beside the tub and dip your feet in the tub till your ankles. Add half cup of salt and one lemon in the tub filled with water in it. Luke warm water and salt smoothens your feet and make you feel relaxed. For fragrance you can add rose petals or any aroma oil.  You can also put some pebbles or marbles in the tub and touch or roll your feet on it. This will give you amazing massage. Keep your feet for 15 minutes and feel the muscle getting ease. Soak your feet with dry towel

Step three:  Use high quality clipper. Do not cut the corner of your toe nail. Be careful while cutting he nails as at times you may cut the edge of the toe nail skin. File it properly to give them a proper shape. For dead skin cell and nails you can rub lemon slice for five minutes.

Step Four: Rub the cuticle cream on the nails and leave it for five minutes. Now remove the dead skin cell with pumice stone. Scrub the heel ball, ankles and around your toes properly.

Step Five: Once you have removed the dead skin cell and scrubbed your foot, wash them with Luke warm water and dry it with dry towel. Now use moisturize all over your feet. Gently massage your feet. Now it’s time to make them more beautiful by adding a color of your choice. Clean your feet thoroughly with cotton pads and then apply any nail polish suing three strokes.  Wait for the base coat to dry and then re-apply.

Let your feet feel happy all the time.