How meditation helps you?

Does meditation really help in any way?

In our day to day life we all are so busy that our brain cells are occupied with some thoughts. In this chore we at times forget what we really need or what we are working for. You feel the need to relax your mind and body mentally and physically. Meditation is more than relaxing your mind. It helps you keep your mind still. This activity doesn’t require any high end equipment, drugs, app, skills, books or any other expense. It’s just your will power and a calm place. It changes the way you think, it makes you feel more relaxed.  It allows us to be more focused and helps making decisions.  I started with 10 minutes to begin with. Initially you may face challenges like, you may get too many thoughts bouncing at you, restlessness, no patience, thought which makes you upset, clouded with negativity, uncomfortable posture and many more.


Meditation makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. Once you start meditating, you cultivate a habit and then even when you are not meditating the effect of it still lasts.

It cultivates the compassion. Regular meditation experience less pain and the capacity of controlling your emotions is higher. It also develops more creativity. It helps you sharpen your concentration level. Practicing meditation regularly lightens your load in stress situation as it will be easy for you to control your emotions. Hence this is the easiest remedy to calm yourself and be at peace when you are over worked and experience stress.

Meditation helps dissolve anger. Holding on to anger or grudges is like you holding a burning coal in your hand which will harm you and not anyone else. Releasing anger is not easy job. We do not want to let go easily. When a negativity feeling clouds us, then there is no escape and no limit to it. This process is disturbing and leading us nowhere but towards anger and fear. It helps us release anger and fear. It helps you identify the positives and negatives with the still mind. It helps you release your limitations and opens your way to self acceptance.

Meditation helps you identify your strengths. At times we are our own critique. We feel the guilt, shame, anger, we reaffirm our dislikes, we complain, we feel incompetent and unworthy. It enables you to transform these feelings and helps you identify yourself and your worthy. It will help you recognize your strengths and preciousness of your life.

Meditation makes life meaningful and more enjoyable.

Do comment below about your experience after meditation.