Benefits of Morning meditation

Benefits of morning meditation

morning meditation

Each morning we are born again, what we do today matters the most.

Morning meditation is the best way to start your day.

We love to live in cosmopolitan city. The speed of the metro city fantasizes us and the lavish life just lures us towards it. Corporate jobs, high profile people, coffee breaks, glass buildings, weekend parties, late night work, fat salaries and lavish homes; the perfect metro life. You might have just got excited just at looking this list. Not all but may be few of them belong to your ‘wishlist’. But have you really considered all the aspects of this life. Well, let me tell you every coin has two sides and this list is just one side of city life that you are longing for. The other side actually involves exhaustion, stress and frustration. Morning meditation in such life have become a necessity than luxury.

Morning meditation activates your nervous system which leads to deep state of relaxation. So even though you may wake up tired, but meditating for 20 minutes boosts up your energy.

Human minds are an amazing creation but mind you even it has some limits. If you really have the so called beautiful corporate life but feel stressed during nights, you must realize that your brain is drained out and its overworking. All you need to do is hit the refresh button and see what miracles your brain could.

Morning meditation helps you in relaxation and giving you better sleep and more creativity.

Early morning meditation are said to have helped many. The atmosphere in the morning is very calm and serene. The sunrise, bird chirps and the pleasant breeze just takes your mind to another world. I bet, you won’t feel more refreshed at any other time of the day. Once you have started afresh, your day would be energetic like never before. You don’t believe me? Lets have a test. You might have Saturday and Sunday as weekly holidays. Sleep until late on Saturday and get up whenever you want like at 9 or 10 am and continue your day. Observe your mood and behavior. Then on Sunday get up at 6, get ready and hit the road to a nearby park by 6.30 AM. Just sit in a corner, meditate. Think nothing just be calm with your eyes closed. Have positive thoughts. Come back by 7.30 and carry on with your usual Sunday. Now at the end of the day, mark the difference between your Saturday and Sunday. And then tell me if you still think your Saturday was better. It is a great way to calm down, it boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure.

The logic is simple. Mornings are as soothing as a baby’s smile. Your brain feels relaxed. Morning meditation on the other hand makes you distress your previous day’s work load. This also helps improve your potential at work place. Within a week or so you will find your concentration powers are suddenly enhanced. Though, keep in mind to have enough sleep if you are to get up early. My suggestion would be to sleep latest by 12 AM but ideally 10 PM or 10.30 PM would be great. Morning meditation lets you understand your true self.

I hope these tips have motivated you enough to get up tomorrow for morning meditation.