Things to avoid after facial treatment

Things to avoid after facial

Facial treatments are the best treatment you can give yourself in salons. Facials remove dirt, spots and impurities from your face. It also prevents sweat smell. Facial treatment makes you feel refreshed, clean, and gives you a glow on your face.

Facial gives proper care to the skin. However not all facial types would suit certain the skin type. Hence you need to be careful about your skin suitability. You may also observe rashes, irritation or redness of skin especially after facial treatments. Here are certain things you can avoid after facial treatment.


Avoid scrubbing your face for another 5-6 days after facial. Scrubbing after facial may cause irritation as your face has already gone through scrubbing and cleaning process during facial. Avoid using any chemicals and lemon or any natural ingredients.


Sunscreen protects you from UV rays. When you are outside and accessible to sun you may need one. However do not use sunscreen immediately after facial. Also avoid going out in sun after facial.


Facial smoothen your skin and helps you in giving refreshed feeling. Wearing makeup immediately after facial will spoil your efforts put in facial. If you are planning to go out for any occasions and want to wear makeup, be sure you do your facials 3-5 days prior the occasion. Any type of chemicals may cause skin irritation.


After a good facial massage consider having lots of coconut water or plain water, stay hydrated.


Do not take steam or go for sauna bath. If the pores are not closed after facial if may affect the skin. Do not use any kind of soap when you are washing your face for another 8-10 hours.  Avoid rubbing your face.

Enjoy your facial treatments frequently.  Knowing your skin type will help you select the right type of facial for you.