Try these most effective yoga for shiny and glowing skin

Try these yoga for glowing skin

Yoga for skin glow

Yoga for skin glow

Yoga facilitates glowing skin. Yoga encourages proper blood circulation. It improves the skin. Yoga strengthens tones and gives you peace. It works well on both body and mind.

Most women have complained about their skin problems. Dark spots, dry skin, patches, acne, and dullness etc. These issues occur primarily due to stress, over consumption of alcohol, excess travelling, access to sun, etc. We often go for beauty products and cosmetics to get the glow on our face. And also we tend to change the brands after certain age as we get little carried away by the endorsee and the advertisement. It results in lots of chemicals being tried and tested on our face.

Now you can flaunt your skin without using any of such products and you don’t have to be hard on your pocket.  These are the four yoga asana you can try and you will get the skin glow in couple of weeks. Let’s practice these yoga for glowing skin.


 glowing skin


This is also known as lotus pose. This pose helps deepen meditation and helps you to calm down. This pose helps in relieve mental, glowing skin and emotional problems. This is one of the best asana for meditation. This is steady pose and can bring steadiness in your mind. If this asana practiced regularly will definitely result in glowing skin faster.

Sit on the floor comfortably.

Now lift your left leg and place it on the right thigh, and right leg on your left leg. The knees must be touching the floor.

Adjust your feet in such a way that the soul of your feet faces upward.

Straighten your spine, broaden your chest.

Let your hands rest on the knees with palm facing upward.

Close your eyes breathe slowly and deeply and concentrate on breathing.

Hold on to this position as long as you are comfortable. You can do it for 20 minutes.


Yoga for glowing skin

Halasana is the said to be very beneficial especially to for glowing sk. It is also known as plow pose. Halasana rejuvenate the inner parts of your body and makes it healthy and strong again. Halasana keeps your backbone flexible even in old age. As more blood flows towards your face it keeps your face glowing and dazzled.

Lie on the yoga mat and join the legs together. Place your arms by your sides

Then slowly raise your legs to 90 degree.

Raise your waist slowly and legs, bending slowly and curving the back. Now slowly rest your legs on the floor above your head.

Gradually try and touch the tip of your toe to the floor and keep your legs straight.

Balance the whole weight on your shoulder blade.

This may be little challenging initially, but with practice it will be easy. This is one of the most effective yoga for glowing skin.




This is the easiest asana and relaxing too. Inspite of being easiest it is beneficial when it comes to glowing skin. Breathing deeply in and out oxygenates your blood and improves blood circulation. This asana helps you feel calmer.

Sit on the yoga mat on the floor. You can either sit in padmasan or crossed legs.

Straighten your back.  Keep your chin up parallel to the floor.  Close your eyes.

Now breathe in slowly and hold your breath till five counts. Exhale slowly.

Repeat this breathing process 10 – 15 times. Then rub your palms till the time they are warm and place them on your eyes and slowly open them. This is most relaxing asana and best yoga for glowing skin.




Savasana is the asana where there is no stretching or bending. It is a total relaxation method. It helps your relax and concentrate on every part of your body. During this pose your close your eyes, breathe and practice eliminating tension from the body. Savasana is the last pose done in yoga class. It is also called as corpses pose and is deeply relaxing.

Lie down on the yoga mat on the floor. Close your eyes. Place your hands by your sides and loosen it.

Bring your attention to the breathing process.

Your body should be absolutely still.

Scan your body from toe to your head. Let your body move deeper into relaxation

Observe your breathing as it is the core of savasana.

Try this asana for 15 minutes.

This asana will make you feel more relaxed and recommended yoga for glowing skin.

Try these poses for couple of weeks and you will notice a glow on your face very soon. Along with practicing these yoga asanas extract and apply natural ingredients on your face when you want to clean or facial your skin. Drink lots of water, take proper rest (to know about yoga for sound sleep yoga for sound sleep), eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, and don’t forget to smile. For more tips on getting glowing skin using home remedies How to get glowing skin using home remedies