Weight Loss Myth


Weight loss myth

Weight loss myth

There are many myth an misconception about weight loss. Know the myth about weight loss and lose weight in a healthy way. Know the facts about weight loss. What and when to eat and get back in shape. Any one would get carried away when they hear these lines about weight loss. Also read 3 mindset changes required to lose weight effectively

“Lose weight in 10 days”
“Lose inches in 30 days”

Ever heard these miraculous lines before, which tempt you to sign up and then you give up. Eventually you start hating your body and loose morale and you drop the idea of weight loss.These money making business may promise you weight lose but not permanently. By signing up you may be punishing your body to reps forcefully, however you are mentally stressed out. weight loss is one thing everyone is gunning for.

Shine on your face fades ultimately. Results you may get angry, more stressed, frustrated, and crave for the food you have been controlling. Most of them give up the idea of losing weight. Here we have found out few weight loss myth.

Myth # 1 Skipping meal will help lose weight

Skipping meal will make you feel hungrier. People often have a myth that meals they eat is just helps to gain weight. Does that mean it gets stored somewhere in the body instead of getting digested? Hence skip the meal. Food resources energy, protein, vitamins, carbs etc. eating right type of food at the right time will definitely show results. In fact, one should have often small meals every day. Never skip a meal.

It is also seen that by fasting odd days you lose out on the nutritional value you get from food. At times following ancient method is quiet recommended, “Eat like a king, “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper”. This line is backed up by lot of research particularly not skipping breakfast has positive effect on weight. Have frequent snacks best 6 snack to munch between your meals

Myth # 2 Fast food is not good for health



There are certain foods which can be avoided if its consumption is too high. It totally depends on the body, food pattern, habit, kind of taste for food etc. there are some fast food which may affect weight gain. Choose food which is rich in nutrient, and low in calories. The major concern with fast food is that it contains high sodium. Drink water or fat free drink instead of sipping soda, Ill effects of French fries

Myth # 3 Low fat, sugar free, fat free

low fat

There are no magical ingredients available which helps you lose weight. These products contain added sugar flavor or starch thickeners to enhance the flavor after the removal of fat. Fat free or sugar free is often sweetened with fruit concentrated and resulting same amount of calories without nutritional value.

Myth # 4 Having snacks is a bad idea


Careless snacking too much is taking away from the daily nutrition. Having snacks out of stress, anger, frustration rather than hunger leads to weight gain. Smart snacking can help you lose weight as it prevents you from over eating and subside your hunger pangs. If you resist snacks between your meals then you may tend to over eat in your next meal.


Myth # 5 Late night eating will add some pounds


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Calorie consumption any time adds weight if there is no activity whether day or night. It also depends on the level of activities you carry out after eating.  French fries, packed food, cookies etc often contains Trans fat. weight loss plan in a proper way will help you lose weight in healthy way.